Photos With a Flair: Blog en-us (C) Photos With a Flair [email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:37:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:37:00 GMT Photos With a Flair: Blog 120 80 East Coast Photography Vacation Hey, all....! Checking in as it's been awhile since my last blog. Well, I just finished up a trip to my East Coast roots; New Jersey, Washington DC and New York City.. Wow, what a fantastic trip.!!! And what a whirlwind trip..!!! Sorry to my peeps I didn't get a chance to hang out with. We most definitely will next trip..!

 Please, friends, take a few minutes and view a few photos from my trip via the slideshow below.. Hopefully you will feel my joy and see the same beauty that I saw and experienced in my travels..!!! And, as is my usual request, if you feel inclined, leave a comment or two in the guest book...!!!! For my friends who need, you can find me, these photos and a few other photo galleries at 

Jerome Gibson

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Latest and Hopefully Likable Update Hey, hope this blog finds you well! It's been a little bit since my last posting. Been a little busy. Take a look at some of my latest work. Under Latest and Hopefully Likable photo gallery, you'll a find few of my recent photographs. Go in, take a look, leave a comment or two or three. Don't be shy!

As for the not too distant future, got a chance to go East, photo ops in Washington, DC, NYC and maybe even Philadelphia. Then, possibly the canyons of Utah, another go round in Maui (somebody's got to do it!) and one other trip but not yet know where to:-) And then there are the photo trips/ops not yet known nor scheduled. So, this can make for a very active spring/summer. But, who's complaining. Not I! Have camera will travel!

So, laugh, love and live this gift called life!



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Wedding Photos Friends, take a peek at some of the captures from the Smith-McGregor wedding I was honored and privileged to photograph...:-)

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It's Been Awhile..... Hey there, Friends. I sincerely hope this note finds you well. It's been awhile since my last blog. Been truly busy with this photography thing. Let me say the 1st Annual Photo Exhibit in Brentwood, Cali was a success. What a show of very fine photography work by my fellow photographers! I was impressed and honored to have been an exhibitor! 

Then, there was the Smith-McGregor wedding I photographed. Thanks, Brenda (Smith) and Terry McGregor for bestowing the awesome responsibility of photographing your nuptials. An honor it was! You could see and feel the love and happiness! 

And as usual, there's been my other monthly photography events; shooting in Locke, CA., at the Lafayette Reservoir in Lafayette, CA., a model shoot and even a couple of photography workshops were squeezed in there some kind of way!

So, Friends, as we we enter yet another holiday season, please remember your blessings, big and small, for which to be thankful for. Enjoy this season of giving, remember the less fortunate, remember our service men and woman, and that love is the reason for the season!

[email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Wed, 27 Nov 2013 08:27:57 GMT
Hey, Everybody...! Wanted to take a minute because it's been a minute since my last post...Whew, been busy....! First, thanks to my homeboy (among others) from Mo'town for coming down and supporting me at the photo exhibit...! Thanks and much appreciate you! What a display of photography! If you haven't, take an hour of your time (I know, where can I  find an hour!) and view some fantastic photography (and it's also relaxing)...! The flyer of the event is still posted on this site...

Also, I want to give a big shout out to Brenda Smith (McGregor) and Terry McGregor for giving me the privilege and honor of photographing they're recent nuptials...Wow, what an opportunity they gave me...! A tremendous amount of joy, love and happiness was in evidence on that special day...! I'm still feeling the love...! Stay tuned for a small sampling of their photos to appear on this site for your viewing.

Lastly, got a few new pics posted in the newly titled Anyone Like Cars and Old Rusted Out Buses...A little different photographic take on some buses that I included in this already existing gallery. Utilizing the fairly new HDR (High Dynamic Range) concept of photography, you'll see a little something different...or maybe a whole lot of something different....:-) And you may even find it interesting...!

As usual, leave some comments...Your comments help me grow photographically and are much appreciated...!





[email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Fri, 25 Oct 2013 08:17:24 GMT
Photo Exhibit Hey, ya'll, got my first photo exhibit...! Wow...!  I can't describe how excited I am...! And how nervous I am...! But, the show must go on as they say in Hollywood...Or was it Broadway...! Anyway, those living in the Bay Area, stop by and enjoy some great photography, of other Bay Area photographers, while perusing my work...Partake of some live jazz, wine and cheese while walking through enjoying some fantastic photography from local artists, myself included..! 

If you look closely enough on the flyer, you'll see two of my photos, the 1st on top right, and the 2nd from left bottom row (chair and the hat)... In advance, I appreciate all who came out ...! And those who didn't, Wow, you certainly missed out on a fun and informative time.!

[email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Fri, 27 Sep 2013 07:34:07 GMT
My friends, if you haven't been to Maui, do so at least once in your lifetime! I was blessed to be able to vacation there recently, and it is one of the three most naturally beautiful places I have been yet! People are friendly, natural beauty abounds wherever you go, peaceful and tranquil! Like the citizens of Maui say, a piece of Paradise! With that being said, click on my Maui photo gallery, click on slideshow and please enjoy my Maui adventure as seen through the eye of my lens. Leave a comment or two in the guestbook. That is always appreciated!

[email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Hana Ka'anapali flowers forest maui natural beauty rain sunrise sunset travel tree tropical tropical island volcano waterfalls yellow flowers Tue, 24 Sep 2013 06:08:41 GMT
Ghost Town of Bodie, CA

Friends and friendly strangers, I had the most terrific time last week-end. Had the chance to photo shoot the ghost town of Bodie, CA...! At sunrise..! Wow...! Founded during the California Gold Rush, Bodie was once a booming place, and a rowdy place..! Eventually, as gold was found in other places in California, and people left in search thereof, Bodie's population dwindled down to zero, nada, no one, not a soul. The trip of it is, everything was left just as it was. As if people were still living there today! Nothing was moved, replaced, renovated or re-manufactured. School books remain on desks, lessons on the chalk boards, canned goods on shelves! Just as if everyone just one day up and left! Eerie..! So, check out and enjoy the pics and feel free to leave me some comments.

[email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Bodie doors farmhouse ghost town rooms Fri, 23 Aug 2013 07:48:57 GMT
Had the opportunity to photo shoot out at Pescadero, on the northern California coast..What a fun time with beautiful scenery...! Ocean, waves, cliffs, a small quaint town with the best fruit stand...! All the makings of a fun filled photo shoot..!

[email protected] (Photos With a Flair) Tue, 20 Aug 2013 09:18:39 GMT
Welcome Well, folks, I want to welcome you to my new page! I truly appreciate you taking the time to come, look at my site, peruse the photos and leave any comments.

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